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Sunday, June 8th 2008

5:18 PM

Belly from having a Baby

..I was challenged by my friend who already lost most of her fats from having a baby.While me is being stucked with my current weight,108.4 lbs.What duh? My big belly is still here as if I look like I am 5 months preggy.

I started doing my ab exercise today though,first I grabbed our 2 babies to walk out in the neighborhood,went home and I did my exercise.Hours later I did another thing that made me sweat even more,vacuuming the rugs.It was my first time to really experience dripping from sweat since I got here in America.

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Sunday, June 8th 2008

5:14 PM

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Sunday, May 18th 2008

8:33 AM

What A Nice Surprise

It is such an honor for this blog to be featured  as PPP's BOTD.Why? Because PPP is the biggest paid blogging site on the internet with approximately 100K members all over the world.

Thank you so much PPP for making this baby blog of mine as you choosen BOTD.Keep the business alive so many bloggers will be happy and joyous! To everyone who dropped by here,thanks so much for the visit.Keep coming back and hope to see you in your respective places.CIAO and have a good weekend.

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Friday, May 16th 2008

7:26 AM

Have You?

Hey fans,have you visited my new site yet? If not then better go there now and say hi to cute baby me because mommy will start posting paid posts in this old blog of mine.I hate to leave here since this is my original blog since I was still in my mom's womb but I would prefer to use blogspot than this one for it is easier to upload images in blogspot.

In case you don't know my new blog,read below my entries and you should be able to see the link posted there.So see you in my new place and don't forget to leave me your warm messages ok?

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Friday, May 16th 2008

7:21 AM

Los Angeles Lap Band Doctor

When it comes to health operation look only for certified surgeons to do the surgery in your body to avoid risky consequences in the future. If you are obese and is planning to have a lapband procedure,get only a doctor that you can trust like for example los angleles lap band doctor that way you will feel confident of the work this doctor does.Hurry visit him now on www.journeylite.com
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Monday, May 12th 2008

5:12 PM


I'm gonna miss this blog of mine for this is the original home  I have even when I was still in mom's womb.It was created and prepared only for me by my good Tita Bianca.Lately,she realized that there is not much beautification of layout in bravejournal so she and mom both decided to MY NEW HOME HERE move it to blogspot.

Guys,avid readers and loyal visitors please bear with me that this blog has been moved to  please edit my url to your list if you have me in your link list. I hope that you will still visit me and read my progress in my new home. See you there nalang guys! Please leave your messages if you want to be linked up in my new page.

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Saturday, May 3rd 2008

8:50 PM

Big Webcam Fanatic

I was about to sleep when mommy just picked me up and bring me to her computer.I knew it when she does that,she gonna show my beauty to her online friends and so I was right.She was chatting her friend in the Philippines and asked if she can view me on the cam. It's my pleasure to be with mommy in the computer because this is what I like.I just love the webcam.Mom thought I looked beautiful and it clearly shows my round eyes.Another thing that I am so fond about the computer is the typepad,it just makes nice sound when mom types in it.The bright light from the monitor simply entertain me. Showing you captured photos from the webcam moments ago.Hope you like them guys.
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Wednesday, April 30th 2008

11:22 AM

It Hurts So Bad

Of all the people in this world,why is it me who is love being scratched by a dog? I was sleeping in our bed earlier when mommy got busy repairing her computer.She went back and forth to the computer room to our bedroom and forgetting to close the gate.

Our naughty dog just sneaked inside and climbed up the bed where I was sleeping and played with my bald head.She scratched me on my forehead and almost hit the fontanel (soft spot).Mom thinks that Chichai had bitten me also for she saw 3 marks of her teeth on my head.

It really was so painful that leaves painful and red marks on me.I hope this is not gonna happen again or else I will be mad at that dog forever.Mom was too careless for leaving the gate open not thinking of her baby sleeping alone.Poor me because I am too helpless defending myself from harsh chichai.

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Sunday, April 27th 2008

1:51 PM

Little Traveler

Mom got me a new name yeppeey.She calls me "little traveler".We drove down to San Antonio to visit my grandfather last weekend.It was a long drive for us to go but that was fine,took us 5 hours to get there because dad had to stop a few times it's all because of our dog Chichai.

Mom and dad both thought that I liked my car ride because I was just behaving so well the entire trip.I just slept in my carseat with no cry at all.I only wake up when my stomach is in need of milk and after that I give my mom a few grins and went back to sleep again.

While at the Air Force Village,people can't stop looking at me because they believe I'm a cute baby.Cute but huge.Too big being 3 months old,they say.There was this old lady who said that I look like 6 months old because she thinks I am too huge.

Dad kept bragging his little trophy "me" to the residents in the dining area.Mom felt prouder and prouder of me growing up to be a mestisa Pinay-American Baby everyday.

This is all I can tell for now friends.Be back for I'm gonna be posting of our pics during our trip to my grandfather's place.

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Monday, April 21st 2008

9:11 PM

Latest Photos of Me

Tita Ivy is so kind for making this scrap of my beautiful cute face. I love it,nicely done and I want to thank her for the hardwork. Anyways,the one in pink dress is my latest shot so throw me your hugs and kisses guys. Going to go now for I am starting to cry here,hungry for milk and movie time with dad and mom too.
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